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Be it for vehicle hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, aircraft hydraulics or stationary hydraulics, as a fundamental form of transmission and a fluid technology, this drive technology offers a high degree of power transmission as well as a tremendous performance coupled with a compact design. Hydraulic systems are continuously controllable and can perform the required movements even straight from standstill. Our team from SOMI in Bolzano/South Tyrol is your experienced partner for powerful and highly durable machines, such as excavators, forklifts and the like.

  • Cylinders and mechanical hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic connections
  • Valves and control units
  • Filters and Reservoirs
  • Oil coolers
  • Hydraulics accessories
  • Gaskets for Hydraulic metering equipment
Hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pump
Hydraulic control apparatus
Hydraulic control apparatus
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